Policing Cannabis

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With Medical Marijuana Becoming Legal Across the U.S., How will Law Enforcement Determine Who is Driving High? Everyone knows that driving under the influence of alcohol brings with it hefty fines, severe punishments and often, even jail time. But with … Read More

Who’s Liable For What Happens in Fraternity Houses?

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Heightened Awareness as a Result of the #MeToo Movement is Effecting Procedures, Policies and Prosecutions Across the U.S. As part of a larger investigation into multiple allegations of sexual assault at a now-suspended Temple University fraternity house, the former president … Read More

Attorney–Client Privilege: It Matters

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In a dramatic move, federal agents have raided attorney Michael Cohen’s office, home, and hotel room. This came after the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York—prompted by a referral from Robert Mueller—issued search warrants. Cohen’s own … Read More

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